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Most other brands tend to just strive for more and more power, but in our opinion, this is not what real life table tennis players needs. This doesn’t mean that Inzone rubbers are much slower than rubbers from other brands – it just means that speed and power is not top priority. Our Vizion-series are almost as powerful as the most powerful rubbers on the market, but we decided to lower the power a little to improve the actual “playability”.
Some rubbers are made with different sponge thickness. In these cases the thin version is the best for low impact shots, while the thick version is best for harder impact. When deciding, it is usually a good idea to consider you actual needs. Often the hard winning shots are not as important as all the "small" shots.
Be aware that there is only rubber in a package - you need to order 2 (usually one red and one black) for a complete racket.

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