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The Inzone Progress rubber is a soft and spinny rubber that is both easy to play and great for making lots of spin. The surface is grippy, but not sticky, and the sponge is soft but with good dynamics - it doesn't have the explosiveness of the Vizion-series, but is more lively than the Spin and Evolve rubbers.

We have it with a thin 1.6 mm sponge, which is good for beginners/less experienced players and defensive players, and with a 2.0 mm sponge that is good for allroundplayers with at least some experience.

Made in China.

Some rubbers are best for a direct impact (blok, counter, smash), while others are better for a thinner touch (topspin, backspin etc.):

Some rubbers are best when you hit the ball hard, others are better at a softer impact:

Expert Opinion

Jesper "Stef" Steffensen

Great allround rubber that is easy to play. 1.6 mm is good for those with less experience, while the 2,0 mm is for more experienced players.

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