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Our Vizion Series are rubbers that can be compared to the most powerful rubbers of the bigger brands. We don't feel that the big brands are in touch with their customers and their needs - they usually just focus on making rubbers for the top players only.

Our mission is to make the best rackets for actual table tennis players, and in the Vizion Series we use the technology developed for the top players but make different adjustments to optimize the rubbers for our customers.

The LC Power is a rubber for an attacking topspin game with good power. It is a powerful rubber, but we have focused on making a rubber with good ball contact instead of maximizing the power. This makes the rubber better at spinning and placing the ball - and since it is so easily played, many players actually end up making more powerful shots than with the top rubbers of other brands - not because the LC Power is quicker, but because it is easier to control the ball while making powerful shots. 

We have it with 1.7 mm and 2.0 mm sponge. The 1.7 version is usually best when playing close to the table and when using not-so-powerful shots, while the 2.0 is better when playing a little away from the table and when using very powerful shots.

Made in Japan.

Some rubbers are best for a direct impact (blok, counter, smash), while others are better for a thinner touch (topspin, backspin etc.):

Some rubbers are best when you hit the ball hard, others are better at a softer impact:

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