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The Inzone Evolve rubbers is a rubber made for being easy to play, and especially to make it easy to spin the ball. The surface is slightly sticky and very elastic, while the sponge is soft and rather thin (1.6 mm). It makes it really easy to get a good ball contact - and spin the ball.

We use it mostly for players without so much experience, who needs a rubber that makes it easy to learn and use all the different shots and techniques that makes table tennis so much fun.

We also use it for more experienced allround- and defensive players, who prefer a rubber that has good spin-characteristics and is easy to control.

When you develop you game, most players get more power into their game. When playing rather soft the Inzone Evolve rubber is perfect, but when you get more power, at some point it will be better with a more resilient rubber - it could be the Inzone Spin or one of the rubbers in the Vizion-series.

Made in China.

Some rubbers are best for a direct impact (blok, counter, smash), while others are better for a thinner touch (topspin, backspin etc.):

Some rubbers are best when you hit the ball hard, others are better at a softer impact:

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