Q&A About choosing the right handle

Q: What are the different handle types?

A: For Inzone blades we use 3 of the most common handle types: Straight, flared and anatomic. There exist other handle types as well - especially the different types of penholder grip are used a lot in some countries, but at the moment we don't supply those.

Q: What is most important when choosing handle?

A: The most important is that you can relax in your hand when holding the racket. If you have to use "too much muscle" to hold the racket, you tend to flex the muscles in your wrist and arm as well - and this makes it difficult to apply a good and relaxed technique.

Q: I'm 10 years old - which handle should I choose?

A: If the handle is too big or too small, it can be difficult to get a relaxed grip. The size must be at least almost right. Our rackets in the "kids' line" use the Inzone Flame blade. The FLARED XS fits most children from age 7 to 10, the FLARED (which is rather slim) fits most children age 10 to 13, while the STRAIGHT fits most children from 12 and up (it can be used by most adults as well). For a 10 year old i would suggest the FLARED, but if you have small hands for your age, then the FLARED XS might be the best choice.

Q: I have BIG hands - which handle should I choose?

A: For adults with big hands, we recommend our straight and anatomic handles.

Q: I have small hands - which handle should i choose?

A: For adults with small hands, we recommend the slim version of our straight handle and the flared handle. If you have really small hands, then you can also check our kids' line.

Q: Is any handle better than the others for a special style of play?

A: The short answer would be "no" - you can go "all the way" with any kind of handle. But the flared and anatomic handle lies more firmly in the hand and would usually suit a quite powerful style of play, while our slim straight handle which is rounded a lot is more suited for a more loose grip, and a style of play with more feel. But it is very individual, and you can play with both power and feel with all kinds of handle.

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