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The Inzone Spin rubber combines a slightly sticky surface with a very resilient 1.8 mm sponge. It is a great allround rubber that is especially good for spinning the ball.

In comparison to the Inzone Evolve rubber, the main difference is the sponge. The Inzone Spin sponge is slightly thicker (1.8 mm compared to 1.6 mm), slightly harder and much more resilient. This means that it is a bit more difficult to handle than the Evolve rubber, but on the other hand it is much better, when you hit the ball with more power.

We recommend it for table tennis players with little or some experience, but also very experienced players who prefer a spinny rubber that is quite easy to play.

Made in China.

Some rubbers are best for a direct impact (blok, counter, smash), while others are better for a thinner touch (topspin, backspin etc.):

Some rubbers are best when you hit the ball hard, others are better at a softer impact:

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