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The Inzone Galaxy blade is both hard and stiff and quite springy. It gives a lot of power when the ball is hit with great force - here it works really well. If you do not have that much power in the basic game, you should probably choose a more flexible and less lively blade, but if you have good power in the game, this is a bid for the perfect solution. Here we combine it with soft and flexible Vizion AR + 2.0 mm rubbers.

It provides a very lively racket with lots of sound and great feel of the ball. Since the racket "wants" to shoot relatively far, it may be especially for half distance play, but if you have the skills and ball feel for it, then it can also easily be used close to the table, if you have a relaxed style where you let the ball and the opponent do the work - you do not have to do much to keep the ball moving.

The AR+ rubbers works best with a slightly "thicker" ball contact. It is of course an obvious advantage in blocking, counter and smash, but for many it is also really nice for topspins - it depends entirely on how "thick" you hit the ball. It is very individual. If you are one of those who cut the ball very thin, it is better to choose Vizion LC Spin or LC Power instead of AR+ - but if you belong to the large group of players who hit the ball a little thicker, this racket might offer some very positive surprises.

  • Blade: Inzone Galaxy
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Vizion AR+ 2.0
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Vizion AR+ 2.0

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