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The Inzone Pro racket is an allround racket for children playing table tennis at a quite high level. It is our most "advanced" racket dedicated for children. It is quite like the Inzone Advanced racket, but with slightly harder rubbers, that supports more powerful shots better.

However, table tennis is a difficult game, so we feel it is important to keep good control. Therefore, we still balance this racket by keeping the rubbers relatively thin (sponge thickness is only 1.7 mm) - instead of going for maximum power by using thicker rubbers and a more powerful blade.

For the few kids that actualle needs a faster racket, we recommed looking at the "ready for more"-rackets.

The Inzone Pro racket comes with 3 different handles - read more about this in the "Choosing the right handle" section.

  • Blade: Inzone Flame
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Vizion LC Power 1.7
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Vizion AR Accel 1.7

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