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The Explorer OFF- blade is very precisely descriped by the words "controlled offensive". It has the stiffness of an offensive blades - almost as stiff as the Galaxy - and works really well at high impact, but combined with most other blades in this category, it is less springy and holds the ball a little bit longer (we honestly can't measure it, but it surely feels that way). This makes it a little easier to handle in difficult situations than the Galaxy blade. The two blades are actually made for the same range of players, but the Galaxy is the quick and lively version, while the Explorer sensible and maybe slightly boring version. The Explorer can be seens as a "big brother" to our Columbia-blade, since they share the same outer veneer - and thus have a quite similar feel (despite the Explorer being much stiffer).

Due to the two carbon layers, the Explorer is a bit more expensive than our other blades.


  • 5 wooden layers and two "soft carbon".
  • 6.0 mm thick..
  • Highest quality.
  • 3 different handles.
  • Made in Sweden.
  • Around 90 grams.

At beginner level you need a flexible blade that is easy to handle and gives a good ball contact also at low impact shots. When your level increases - depending on your style of play - you might need a blade that supports the increased power in your game.

The Explorer racket is perfect for an attacking style of play with good power in most shots. It is quite stiff but not particularly springy. This gives a good feel of the ball and good stability in the medium and high impact shots. For players who uses less power, we recommend the Columbia blade instead.

Inzone Explorer

The Inzone Explorer is stiff blade made for a powerful attacking game. It work perfectly together with our most powerful rubbers: Vizion LC Power and AR Accel.

It can also be combined with the softer LC Spin and AR+, but they need the thick 2.0 mm sponge to perform the best - or the blade tend to dominate too much. 

At Inzone we have 6 different handle types, and choosing the right one isn't always easy. Not all handles are available for all blades and rackets - eg. Flame Series is made for children, while Safe Series are made for adults, and both are only made with the recommended handles.

Here is a little information about the different kinds of handles:

STRAIGHT. The straight handle is completely straight, almost squared and quite thick. It supports a firm grip and usually best fits in rather big hands. For children this is rarely a good solution.
STRAIGHT (SLIM). The slim version of the straight handle is more rounded and supports a more loose and flexible grip. It fits most hands, but for men with big hands it could be too small,  and for children up to around 12 years of age it could be too big.
FLARED. The flared handle supports a firm grip, and fits the hands of most adults.
FLARED (SLIM). The slim version of the flared handle fits most children from 10 to 14 years of age.
FLARED (XS). The XS version of the flared handle fits most children up to around 11 years of age.
ANATOMIC. The anatomic handle is mostly used by men with big hands as an alternative to the flared handle.

A table tennis racket consists of 1 blade and 2 rubbers (usually one red and one black). All Inzone rackets are assembled in our workshop i the Inzone Table Tennis Center in Aarhus. So when you buy an Inzone racket, it is ready to use at delivery.

It you decide to make your own combination of blade and rubbers, we can also assemble the racket for you. Just leave a note when you make the order. Racket assembly is free of charge.

You are of course also welcome to assemble the racket yourself, or to buy rubbers and blades to combine with equipment from other brands.

Anyway: All Inzone rackets are delivered fully assembled and ready to use, but if you order separate rubbers and blades, you need to tell us to assemble the racket - if that's what you want.

We use real table tennis glue, which means that the rubbers can easily be removed from the blade. This is a big advantage, since this makes it possible to change the rubbers on the racket. The life time of the blade is usually many years, while the rubbers will need to be replaced sooner. 

During your development as a player, your needs change as your level increases. This way you don't have to change the complete racket, but can upgrade the rubbers - this is usually quite a bit cheaper.

To see how it is done, we have made this video:

Expert Opinion

Mie B. Jacobsen

Why don't I play this blade? I surely should. It's much better than my own. Give me that!
- Mie B. Jacobsen is a former danish national team player and several times danish champion. Now also coach for children at different levels.

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