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The Allround Plus racket is the most powerful racket in the "New / Back in TT"-category. It is also the most difficult to handle, and the only one we don't recommend to beginners.

It is quite similar to the Inzone Allround racket, but the rubbers are a bit harder.

It's still an allround racket with good control, but to get the most from this racket, you need a bit more power and precision in your shots.  If you can master the harder rubbers, it also adds a little more power to your shots, and has a more precise feedback.

This is definitely not a beginner racket, but can be used by allrounders at most levels - when you have at least some table tennis experience.

The Inzone Allround racket comes with 3 different handles - read more about this in the "Choosing the right handle" section.

  • Blade: Inzone Safe
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Vizion LC Power 1.7
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Vizion AR Accel 1.7

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