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At beginner level you need a racket with good spin that is easy to control. This is exactly what characterises the Inzone Control racket: Lots of spin, lots of control.

It is designed for adult beginners, and the racket works best at relatively low impact, but it is also a good solution for more experienced players, who build their game around solid backspins.

For beginners, the Inzone Control racket has all it needs to sustain the best possible learning curve - it is easy to play, has good feedback and more than enough spin to perform all kinds of shots.

For more advanced players, the Control racket can become too passive, and doesn't work too well at harder impact. So, at some point you will probably need to upgrade - of course depending on your style of play.

The Inzone Control racket comes with 3 different handles - read more about this in the "Choosing the right handle" section.

  • Blade: Inzone Safe
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Evolve 1.6
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Evolve 1.6

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