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The classic allround racket consists of a good quality allround blade and rubbers with lots of spin, and good allround qualities. And this is exacly what you get in this racket.

The Inzone Safe blade is a best quality allround blade "made in Sweden" at a small factory, where they - at least in our opinion - makes the best blades in the world.

On the Inzone Classic racket we combine this blade with Inzone Spin rubbers with 1.8 mm sponge. These rubbers are slightly sticky to make it easier to spin the ball and have a medium hard sponge with much more resilience than the Evolve rubber used on the Inzone Control racket. This means that while the Inzone Control racket is the best solution on low impact shots, the Inzone Classic is better at higher impact, but only almost as good at low impact.

This means that the Inzone Classic racket is a great solution for both beginners and table tennis players with more experience - especially with an allround style of play, with both backspin and topspin, and both attack and defence.

  • Blade: Inzone Safe
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Spin 1.8
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Spin 1.8

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