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The Inzone Allround Racket is one of our favorites. Low weight, easy to play - and lots of fun. It might be a little bit too fast for beginners, but it doesn't take that much experience to handle it - and with a little practice it won't be a problem.

The high quality Swedish allround blade combined with our soft Inzone Vizion rubbers give an excellent feel of the ball, and a racket that is quick without being heavy or difficult. Actually, the Inzone Team - which I don't hessitate to call very experienced table tennis players - have more fun playing this racket than our usual - heavier and more powerful - rackets. This is because the Inzone Allround appeal to a much more playful approach to table tennis.

The Inzone Allround is a good solution for both beginners (who are not afraid of a challenge), and more experienced table tennis players. It could also be a good racket for former table tennis players on higher levels, who are returning to table tennis just to play for fun.

The Inzone Allround racket comes with 3 different handles - read more about this in the "Choosing the right handle" section.

  • Blade: Inzone Safe
  • Forehand rubber: Inzone Vizion LC Spin 1.7
  • Backhand rubber: Inzone Vizion AR+ 1.7

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