The Inzone Columbia blade is a quite rigid blade, but without being as stiff as Explorer and Galaxy. It works best with rubbers that gives some resistance to your shots - the really thin and soft rubbers can work, but are not the optimal choice.

We recommend the Inzone Columbia combined with either Inzone Spin 1.8 mm, Inzone Progress 2.0 mm for adults with a rather passive (but spinny) game. It can be players without so much TT experience, but also more experienced players.

For a more active game, we recommend rubbers from the Vizion-series. All Vizion-rubbers work really well with Inzone Columbia. If you don't have that much power in your game, we recommend Vizion LC Spin or AR+ 1.7 mm. For playing rather close to the table, but with a little more power, we recommend Vizion LC Power or AR Accel 1.7 mm. For an attacking game from halfdistance, we recommend Vizion LC Spin or AR+ 2.0 mm. While players with more power (usually on higher level) prefer Vizion LC Power or AR Accel 2.0 mm.