At beginner level you need a flexible blade that is easy to handle and gives a good ball contact also at low impact shots. When your level increases - depending on your style of play - you might need a blade that supports the increased power in your game.

The Inzone Flame is made with slightly smaller handles that our other blades - and there is even an XS version too. It is a flexible allround blade, but for most children - at least up until early teenage years - it has enough stiffness for even their hardest shots. Depending on learning curve, style of play, amount of practice, physical development and hand size, the Inzone Flame would be the right choice for children until they reach an age around 12 to 14. At that point it might be time to go for a blade with full size handle and finding the right blade for your specific style of play. Until then the Flame blade is a good choice.

Inzone Flame