Q&A About racket assembly and maintenance.

We have made this small Q&A to help our customers get the most out of their new equipment.

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Q: I want to put new rubbers on my old racket. Is there anything I should be aware of, and which equipment do I need?

A: First task is to remove the old rubbers. If they are glued with proper table tennis glue it is usually easy. Still, it is important to be careful – if you are not, you can damage the blade. If the racket is not glued with table tennis glue, then it’s often more or less impossible to do.

Be aware that the blade should be completely clean of old glue and rubber – even the smallest bits can be seen through the new rubber.

When it is done, you need to glue the rubbers and the blade. We have made a video that shows how it is done – please take your time to watch it to get everything right.

What you need is: Table tennis glue, edge tape (which can be found on our webshop) and something to cut the rubbers. We use a really sharp hobby knife as seen in the video – but if you don’t have practice in cutting a rubber, you might get a better result using scissors. Also, a heater and a tube or roll will make it a little easier.

Watch the video here:


Q: I just bought a new racket, what should I do to keep it in good condition?

A: For the rubber to be able to get good contact with the ball, it needs to be clean. Don’t use any weird chemicals to do it. Water or a slightly sweaty hand will usually do the trick. Rubber cleaner is an easy and even better way to clean the racket – you can find one in the webshop. All Inzone rackets are protected by a layer of plastic foil at delivery. We recommend that you keep it on when you don’t use the racket, and put it on again when you are finished playing. It protects the rubber from dust and scratches, but also most or maybe all rubbers react slightly with air, which slowly makes the surface less grippy. This process is slowed significantly by using the foil. More sheets of foil can be bought in our webshop.

Always keep the racket in normal indoor temperatures and protect it from sun, which can ruin the rubber in a matter of hours. Don’t keep it in a closed plastic bag – the racket handle is usually wet from sweating during play – and it can make it extremely humid inside the bag, and that is not good for the blade. Use a proper racket wallet instead.

If you do these few things, you do what you can to keep the racket in good condition. Usually, the blade can last for many years, while the rubbers slowly get worn – and at some point, needs to be changed.

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